Over 4,000 govt officials refused to declare wealth, says Hon. Lokodo

Over 4,000 govt officials refused to declare wealth, says Hon. Lokodo

The outgoing Ethics and Integrity Minister, Rev Father Simon Lokodo has said over ”4,000 government officials refused to declare their wealth to the Inspector General of Government (IGG).” “All public officers are mandated to declare their assets,’’ he remarked at the weekend- during a validation workshop to discuss the rules of procedure for the recently created Leadership Code Tribunal.

The Leadership Code Act, 2002 demands a certain group of leaders to declare their incomes, assets and liabilities to the IGG from time to time- explaining how they acquired them. For disciplinary action, the Dr Roselyn Karugonjo led tribunal is expected to go after public leaders who defy declaring their actual wealth to the IGG. Other members of the tribunal who were inaugurated last year include; Mr Asuman Kiyingi as deputy chairperson, Ms Jane Arume Okellowange, Mr Didas Bakunzi Mufasha and Ms Joyce Nalunga Birimumaaso.

The Leadership Code Tribunal was established to receive, examine and adjudicate any breach of the Code, make a decision on any matter referred to it by the IGG and then submit it to the authorized person. Further in his remarks, Rev Lokodo urged members of the tribunal to fairly administer justice to government officials who will be caught on the wrong side of the law.

“Don’t attach anything related to your personal interest in the case even if the rich give you millions. Just give justice to the poor and in the shortest time possible,” Rev Lokodo said. Rev Lukodo said he is not comfortable with the period and time that cases take to be concluded in Uganda. “Some cases in courts have taken between 10-20 years without being concluded. As a leadership tribunal, we want to see that cases regarding noncompliance with leadership codes are handled fast,” he said while at the event in Kampala. Dr Roselyn Karugonjo Segawa who is the chairperson of the Leadership Code Tribunal said creation of the entity is a ‘‘strategic move by government to have a clean Public Service with leaders who are transparent and accountable.’’


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