LCT Launches its first Annual Report FY 2020/21

LCT Launches its first Annual Report FY 2020/21

Corrupt public officials are smearing us-Lt. Col. Nakalema

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit chief, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema has expressed concern over corrupt public officials who smear her for fighting them. “Some of these people, when you touch them, they run around to every office smearing you,” Nakalema said, vowing not to give up the fight against corruption. She was explaining the challenges her office has faced in fighting high-end corruption.

Nakalema also revealed that there are prominent public officials who plunder public resources and then hide behind “Powers from Above” to fight prosecution.

‘Powers from above’ is a phrase usually used in public offices to refer to highly connected top government officials, who have powers to protect those doing evil.

But Nakalema vowed to touch everyone implicated in corruption including those hiding behind the phrase to perpetuate the vice.

“Powers from above’ means nothing to us,” she said, “We only serve God and the President of Uganda.”

She also noted that there are people who report corruption but refuse to go to court to testify against suspects hence causing delays and failure in prosecuting cases.

Nakalema said her office uses the Whistle-Blowers Act to protect witnesses.

Created under Article 235A of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda, the Leadership Code Tribunal was established in 2020 to enforce the leadership code of conduct.

According to the chairperson of the tribunal, Dr. Roselyn Karugonjo-Segawa, in the last year, they have been able to establish processes, systems, and controls to enable them start adjudication of the cases now.

The event was attended by top anti-corruption chiefs led by Lt. Col. Nakalema; Patricia Achan Okiria the Deputy Inspector General of Government and the state minister for Ethics Rose Lilly Akello.

The anti-corruption chiefs agreed to work closely to fight and eradicate corruption in Uganda.

Nakalema and Okiria also welcomed the tribunal to the fight against corruption.

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