Chairperson’s Message

Dr. Roselyn Karugonjo-Segawa

Welcome to our website. The Leadership Code Tribunal (LCT) plays a crucial role in the enforcement of the Leadership Code of Conduct and contributes to the fight against corruption.

The LCT is mandated to hear and adjudicate breaches of the Leadership Code of Conduct by leaders and public officers filed by the Inspectorate of Government under the Leadership Code Act. Such breaches include those relating to the declaration of income, assets, and or liabilities for example non-declaration, failure to submit declarations, false, incorrect and anticipatory declarations and late submissions of declarations. Other breaches include: participation in prohibited contracts, accepting gifts for favours, failure to declare or dispose gifts in accordance with the act, failure to respond to a request from clarification from the Inspector General of Government, prohibited conduct and contracts, misuse of official information, illegitimate influence from offers of future employment, conflict of interest and abuse of public property, among others.

Where a person is found guilty of any breach of the Leadership Code of Conduct, punishments are varied according to the nature of the breach and range from warnings, caution, fines, demotion, dismissal from office to confiscation of undeclared or illegally acquired property to mention but a few.

The LCT can also hear cases filed by members of the public who are dissatisfied with the decision of the Inspectorate of Government on access to a leader or public officer’s declaration.

We hope that the website will provide useful information to the public and all our stakeholders about our work.

For God and my Country!